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Tool Hook-Up

PROTOCLEAN INC, are experts at coordinating the tool move-in process and protocol for semi-conductor fabrication plants. Protoclean experts help direct the riggers for tool placement and un-crating. Once the outer packaging material is removed, Protoclean trains the riggers how to clean the inner wrapping material and move the tool into the cleanzone or in place, where further cleaning is required after the removal of the inner wrap. All cleaning of tools is performed using filtered Protohol products and lint-free wipes.

Once tools are in place, Protoclean approves and signs off on tool hook-up work permits and continuously monitors the progress of the work to ensure that all protocols are followed and to keep any contamination at a minimum.  

Protoclean experts manage the supplies, hand-tools, gowning rooms, garments, signs and trafficking to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur between copper and no copper areas.  All cleaning equipment and personnel are to be segregated based on copper levels and areas and no copper areas, and all labeling must follow a dedicated system similar to the chart below:


Labeling Requirement

Process Equipment

Orange sign with black lettering stating “Copper Only!" or green sign with white lettering stating "No Copper!"

Hand Tools

Must be marked with tape or shrink wrap: orange for Cu, green for No Copper or blue for AMHS (Automation) regardless of tool color. Orange hand tools must be used on Cu process tools and green on No Cu process equipment. Orange marked hand tools must also be used for all general work in Type 2, Type 4, Type 2/4 and Type 3/4 Bays Cu bays. Green marked hand tools must be used for general work within No Cu bays.

Vacuum Wands

Must be clearly marked orange for Cu or green for No Copper.

Tool Boxes

Cu tool boxes must be labeled with a sign stating "Copper Only!" and No Copper tool boxes must be labeled with a sign stating "No Copper!". AMHS (Automation) tool boxes must be labeled as “AMHS” or “Automation”.

Extension Cords

Follows Hand Tools above.

Carts for transport of process tools parts

Identified as "No Copper!" for No Copper carts and "Copper Only!" for Cu carts. 

No other items should to be labeled.

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